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Mushroom Video Armor products

Depending on your project requirements, we have several different solutions that might work. Our bonding technology let’s you combine any wireless or wired Internet connections together for a fast and reliable Internet connection that is optimized for video streaming. Our cutting edge Video Armor technology shields card outages and card fluctuations completely from the video stream for uninterrupted high-quality video even in challenging conditions.

Streamer PRO is ideal for webcasting in high quality. The unit has analog inputs as well as SDI option. It has 8 usb ports for 3G/4G, built-in WiFi and optional Ethernet. Streamer PRO (brochure attached as a link) connects directly to your camera since it has a built-in adaptive encoder. You can then stream to any video server/CDN. 

If you have your own software encoder (e.g wirecast, adobe flash, tricaster, etc.) on a laptop or switcher, Streamer is ideal for webcasting in high quality with your existing web streaming setup. Streamer has embedded modem versions, namely, Streamer 2000i (with 2 embedded modems), Streamer 4000i (with 4 embedded modems), Streamer 8000i (with 8 embedded modems), as well as the versions with external usb ports: Streamer 4000 (4 usb ports for external modems) and Streamer 8000 (8 usb porst for external modems). 

Both Streamer PRO and Streamer go through a Mushroom Networks hosted Cloud Relay Service (CRS) that seamlessly combines the partial wireless flows into one and sends the video stream to your CDN/Video server. You can activate and deactivate your Cloud Relay Service on a month to month basis. We also have an option for you to install the Relay Unit in your own data-center/HQ office, instead of the CRS monthly service. 

If you are interested in point-to-point low latency broadcast quality video distribution (field to studio), then our Teleporter solution might be the best fit. Teleporter (brochure attached as a link) field unit has analog inputs as well as SDI input option. It has 8 usb ports for 3G/4G, built-in WiFi and optional Ethernet. Teleporter field unit transmits the video to the Teleporter Receiver installed in your studio.

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