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WAN connections keep failing

On Mushroom’s user interface if you see Wan connections constantly “Trying to connect” and then “Unable to Connect” and cycling back, then here are some debugging steps:

If it’s private line like MPLS:

Mushroom does an internet connectivity check on each WAN interface and the interface will not connect if it’s a private line (like MPLS).

So in that case, you’d need to add your gateway IP address as the connectivity check IP address, on the ADVANCED tab, so then Mushroom verifies connectivity with the given IP address, instead of any public IP’s like etc.

If it’s an internet line:

  • Reboot your Modem and verify if it works fine after reboot
  • Disconnect WAN line from Mushroom device and connect it to a computer (e.g a laptop, make sure wireless connectivity is disabled on laptop and its connecting internet through that modem). If WAN was configured on Mushroom with a static IP then assign the same static IP gateway on the laptop. From the laptop try to ping and verify if you get a valid response.
  • If it still is failing then Under Mushroom GUI “Advanced tab” click Add on “Additional Remote Servers for Connectivity Check” add an IP for, verify after adding Wired WAN connectivity on Home page is showing connected
  • Reboot Mushroom device and verify
  • Call Mushroom support if it still fails.


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