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How can I verify if my Streamer is working properly?

Check video/system status on Streamer GUI.

a. Check VOM status table and verify VOM module is operating by checking that “Uptime” value is increasing. After a 4‐minute delay following Streamer power up, check the VOM status table for connection status. Once a Streamer unit is in the “Connected” state, it will say “Connected to BPA: YES”. After the GUI reports this, it is safe to start the video on the encoder. After the video starts, you should see an additional row in the VOM status table with details (e.g. source and destination address, session duration, etc) about the current video session.

b. Verify live video is displayed on desired CDN(s). If necessary, you may need to adjust the video bandwidth in accordance with the total amount of uplink bandwidth available. Check Relay Unit GUI if needed.


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