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BGP setup for Mushroom devices

Setup Description


R1: router that initiates BGP connection.

R2: router that has a backup BGP circuit

S1: a switch

S2: a backup switch

F1: in firewall

F2: a backup firewall


Mushroom 1  device will be connecting 2 WAN circuit. WAN1 will be in passthrough mode that will connect the firewall to ISP 1. And WAN2 will be configured using the private subnet from R2. All traffic going out on WAN2 from Mushroom will be NATed to R2’s /30 address.


Mushroom will setup a policy route that will load-balance the traffic on WAN1 and WAN2. All servers behind the firewall will be left on WAN1 and any user/desktop  traffic for internet http/https will be load-balanced using both WAN circuit. 


Mushroom 2 device will be the same configuration but the passthrough will be setup using ISP2. Similar policy route will be setup as Mushroom 1 for this device. 


Mushroom 1 will act as a Master VRRP/HSRP device and Mushroom 2 will be the slave device for the device redundancy.

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