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App Armor tunnel configuration guide

1. Make sure the experimental mode is enabled on the unit.

2. Under the VLL tab, in the VLL + VoIP Armor instances section, please click on ‘Add’.

3. Choose the VLL Type as VLL Client: AppArmor, with username and password matching with the VLL server instance credentials.

4. Target IP would be the WAN IP address configured on the server unit, to which your client unit is peering to.

5. Once the VLL is configured on the server side as well, you should see the status on VLL as “up”.

6. Even if the VLL is up, you’d still need to add routes for your destination traffic to go via VLL. Note that you need to add a route on the server unit as well, for the client’s LAN subnet. Here’s an FAQ on how to add routes on Mushroom.

7. If you are planning to capture all traffic on the client unit to go via VLL, you need to configure the interface groups with VLL of weight 1. Please see this document on how to capture all traffic on VLL. Note that you still need to add a route on the server unit, for the client’s LAN subnet.

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