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How do I stream to Youtube live using Streamer PRO?

When creating the Youtube live event we recommend setting the ingest to 360p.
On the Streamer PRO please make sure to set the following values (all others can be set as desired):
Transmission Resolution: D1
Audio Encoding: Mpeg2aac
Video Aspect Ratio: 16×9
MPEG4 Profile: auto
MPEG4 Level: auto
Audio Rate: 44.1kHz
Auto Rate Mode: False
(and set your desired fixed bandwidth in then ‘Encoder Rate’ field)
On your Streamer PRO cloud relay server please enter the stream name and url provided to you by Youtube once you’ve created your live event (you should not need to enter a username or password here) and select the Publish option for this stream. Then at the bottom of the page click the ‘Save’ button and the ‘Publish Selected Streams’ button.


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