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Steps to add SNMP Trap Receiver sensor in PRTG


  1. Visit this website “” and you will find an option to download the PRTG Network Monitoring tool. Click on Freeware Download (where you’ll be permitted to test for 100 sensors).
  2. You’ll be provided with a free license Key to install this software.
  3. The installation steps and the initial configuration setup of the tool are shown in this video link “”.

After installing the software, follow the video to setup initial configuration of the tool. After the configuration is set, go to the home page and click on review results.


  1. Add a new group by right clicking on the group “group1”. There will be a popup window displayed. Type the group name as shown below.            

2. After creating a new group “ BroadBand_Devices”. Click on “add device” under this group. Enter the device name “Truffle4000” and the IP address “”. Then choose your icon as shown below.     

3. click on “RUN AUTO DISCOVERY”

4. After few minutes you will be observing something like shown below.

5. After running auto-discovery we see that the PRTG SNMP Trap Receiver sensor is not popped. So we can manually add the sensor. Right click on the device “Truffle4000” and click on add sensor.    

6. Type “snmp trap receiver beta” in the search option and select the sensor.

7. Type the sensor name, Tags, priority level.

8. Type the filter levels, check on “inherit from the devices” and click on continue.

9. Now click on the SNMP Trap receiver sensor.

10. You’ll find this page.

11. Now go to the Truffle BBNA page. Click on admin tab,select SNMP config and type the Trap Server IP( which is the IP address of your PRTG server).


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