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How to assign an IP/subnet for each LAN port?

On Mushroom by default both LAN ports on mushroom fall under a common bridge. And the LAN IP address that you see on the HOME tab is the bridge IP address, i.e both LAN1 and LAN2 will have the same IP/subnet.


If you add a bridge alias subnet, the IP/subnet will act as the secondary LAN IP/subnet. That means both LAN1 and LAN2 will have a primary LAN subnet and a secondary LAN subnet. Note that the secondary LAN subnet will not have DHCP, so you would need to assign a static IP on your devices connecting to the secondary subnet. 

Now to provide layer-3 filtering between these two subnets, on LAN1 port you have to block the traffic going to the secondary subnet and block the traffic going to primary subnet on LAN2 using the firewall rules. This results in a separate layer-3 subnet for each LAN port, but only filtering at layer-3.

Please see the screenshot below for example, where is the primary subnet and is the alias/secondary subnet.



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