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Voice prioritization using App Armor tunnel

Following steps are needed to make sure that your voice traffic is getting prioritized:

  1. Categorizing SIP/RTP traffic to use a tunnel with high reliability on the client side.
  2. Categorizing on server side.
  3. Assigning QoS for your voice traffic.

Categorizing RTP/SIP traffic:

First we’d need to categorize SIP & RTP to use the in-built high reliability tunnel, whose category is 2.

Categorizing on server side:

Categorization is also needed on the server side to route back the required traffic using the same highly reliable in-built tunnel.

Assigning QoS for your SIP/RTP traffic:

Go to the ADVANCED tab and add QoS reservations on VLL interface, according to the traffic type (make sure you have configured the QoS shapers as well on the respective VLL interface. The following example prioritizes SIP & RTP traffic with a guaranteed rate of 3000 kbps (assuming you have ~30 simultaneous calls each at ~100kbps rate).

QoS reservation for SIP traffic:

QoS reservation for RTP traffic:


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