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How can I enable “Capture All” in firmware version 1.17 and above?

Step 1. Configuring Interface group rules:

  1. Add a new interface group interface with the device type as VLL, and device index being the name of your VLL tunnel. In the following example you can see that as “myvll”.
  2. Set the “Weight” for the Interface Group  with VLL Interface to 1.0 and all other weights to 0.0, as shown below.
  3. This will ensure that all traffic goes over the VLL tunnel. The other interfaces with a weight of 0.0 will act as fail-over options in case of the VLL tunnel going down.

Step 2: Including HTTP/HTTPS traffic in the VLL:

  1. Note: Even though capture all is enabled in the method mentioned above, your HTTP/HTTPS traffic will still use the direct WAN lines to go out (because of the default Mushroom’s aggregation behavior). So to capture all the traffic including HTTP/HTTPS into your VLL tunnel you need to enable HTTP aggregation exclusion as well as shown below.
  2. Navigate to the “Advanced” tab. Then 1) click on ‘Add’ next to ‘HTTP Aggregation Exclusions’. 2) click on ‘Apply’ leaving blank in the source and destination subnet.

  1. Please read this article on HTTP aggregation exclusion for more information.

Step 3: Setting flow-pinning on the server, for internet traffic:

  1. Once the traffic reaches the server unit, you’d need to set flow-pinning on the VLL to ‘false’ on the server, so the internet Interface options and flow-pinning traffic would exit the box properly.

  1. Please read this article on Interface options and flow-pinning for more information.


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