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How do I allocate bandwidth for different traffic types (Internet, VoIP-armor/VLL) using QoS reservations?

1. Prioritizing traffic going through different tunnels:

You can prioritize different traffic types by using QoS reservations. Using QoS reservations you can assign a guaranteed bandwidth to your desired traffic.

Here is the example where you are providing reservations for VLL traffic (port 9899) and VoIP+VLL traffic (port 18927). In the following configuration screenshot, we have assigned normal priority for traffic through port 9899 and high priority for traffic through port 18927.

Assume that you have three simultaneous iperf sessions or downloads going via VLL, VLL+VoIP and on direct WAN lines. (Note: Using iperf you can see the rate on the line). Then according to the config, out of the available bandwidth of 15mbps, 10mbps will be reserved for VLL+VoIP traffic and then VLL will be prioritized, followed by the traffic on direct WAN lines. Here are some examples of how you can add QoS shaper and QoS reservation rules.

2. Prioritizing traffic going through a VLL tunnel:

Similarly, you can also prioritize traffic that is going through a single VLL tunnel, using normal and high priorities. But here you would be shaping on VLL tunnel interface, instead of doing it on the WAN interface. Attached an example configuration.


1) If you have a shaper limit set to 15000, and if the guaranteed rate configured on all the reservation rules is cumulatively higher than the shaper limit (15000), you will see the rate going over the specified shaper rate, as long as the lines are capable of achieving the specified guaranteed/maximum rates.

2) If the WAN lines are capable of getting higher rates than the specified guaranteed rates, after the guaranteed rates are fulfilled on all the reservations, the rate goes beyond the guaranteed rate till the specified maximum rate, giving preference to the high priority reservation rules.


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