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How to troubleshoot cell modem connectivity

Here are steps that we recommend for the SIM cards to connect:

  • Please make sure that all the SIM cards are inserted properly before the unit is powered up. SIM cards shouldn’t be inserted/removed when the unit is up, or else a power-cycle might be required.
  • Connect all the Antennas on the unit, both Main and diversity antennas (each modem will have a main antenna and a diversity antenna).
  • On Mushroom’s user-interface, on the HOME tab, if you click on any cellular WAN interface, you can see the APN field. Please configure it accordingly w.r.t your carrier. Note that APN might vary depending on your region. Here’s an FAQ on how to configure APN for some major US carriers.
  • Some carriers need the modem’s IMEI info to activate the SIM cards properly, so if you are seeing any issues with the SIM cards connecting please check with your provider if they need the modem’s IMEI info.
    • You can get the modem’s IMEI info from the Mushroom’s user-interface, when you click on the “Carrier/Type” field in the cellular wan section. Or please reach out to Mushroom support to get the IMEI numbers of your cell modems.
  • Also please make sure that the SIM cards are activated as ‘data only’ by the carrier. Please note that the data SIM cards/plans are different compared to the regular SIM cards that we use on our cellphones
  • If you are planning to use WiFi on the unit, please make sure to connect the WiFi antennas on the back. Here’s a connection diagram on how to connect the antennas.

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