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Can I direct all my outgoing traffic to one of the WAN links with no NAT?

Yes, following steps will help you binding your traffic and having a No NAT policy:


1. Please just make sure that your binding rule, if it is IP-based and not port based, is based on an IP that is visible to the Truffle as your local IPs will likely be NAT’d at your firewall device.

Alternatively, you may create a rule for binding to Wired WAN 1 all traffic for the ports that your mail system uses (typically these would be the standard TCP ports used by SMTP: 25, 587, 465). Follow the link below:

Can I bind all email traffic to WAN1?


2. Afterwards you may want to add a Firewall rule with No NAT policy, which will prevent any sort of NAT on the outbound traffic coming from a particular subnet. For example,


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