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Some websites are being blocked through the BBS connection. How do I fix this?

Some websites (eg, yelp, many reservation booking sites) may block web traffic coming through the BBS connection due to the cloud-hosted IP of the BBS Server.

If any such websites are being blocked when trying to connect to them through your BBS connection then please perform the following steps for each site:

1) determine an IP for the website. This can be done using command-line tools such as ‘nslookup’ on Windows or ‘host’ on Unix. Also, you can just ping the website to see the IP.

2) on the Advanced page of the Mushroom device’s web interface create a rule in the ‘Domain Name Blocking / DNS Redirection‘ section for this website so that all DNS queries to the device will return the IP that you found in the step above.

3) also on the Advanced page, create an ‘Interface Binding‘ rule for this IP, binding it to a specific WAN interface. This will bind all traffic to the website directly to the WAN link, avoiding the BBS connection, so that you will no longer be blocked.

Now, all devices that are using the Mushroom’s LAN IP as their DNS IP (which will be the case for all devices connect to the Mushroom via DHCP) will no longer be getting blocked by the websites for which the above rules were created.


Example for

1) Determine the website’s IP:

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=52 time=26.4 ms

So, has an IP of

2) Create ‘Domain Name Blocking / DNS Redirection‘ rule:

Domain Name:

IP (leave blank to block):

3) Create ‘Interface Binding‘ rule:

Type: Interface Binding Rule

Device Type: WAN

Device Index: 1

Type of Service: <blank>

Source or Destination IP/Subnet:

Start Port: <blank>

End Port: <blank>

Protocol: ANY


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