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How do I enable WiFi on the Portabella8000, Streamer8000 or Teleporter?

If your device is equipped with WiFi capabilities then you will see a section on the Home page for ‘WiFi WAN / Access Point’. To edit the WiFi settings you will click on the Interface ‘1’ within the WiFi WAN / Access Point section.

The WiFi connection can be configured as either an access point or as an additional WAN connection. The WiFi WAN configuration allows for scanning of available networks and setting of values for the connections, which in many cases will be the default of DHCP and no changes will be required. If the WiFi connection is not in use, it may be disabled. Access Point mode may also be enabled, non-concurrently with WAN mode, and will broadcast your chosen ESSID to allow incoming connection requests.

Note that while WiFi is set as an access point or disabled, ESSID scanning for available networks is not possible. Also, passwords set in Access Point mode must be between 8 and 63 characters long and composed alphanumeric characters only.


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