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How can you route specific incoming traffic on VLL, to required interfaces on the server?

After setting up the VLL+VoIP tunnel between the client & server pair, please make sure that you are able to reach client’s LAN IP from server’ LAN IP and vice-versa. Then to route your specific traffic incoming on the VLL tunnel, to certain interfaces on the server, we can utilize interface group settings to achieve this.

For example, in this scenario we are routing the traffic destined to from the client to server through the tunnel named VLLVoIPtest. Here are the sequence of steps we need to follow on the client:

Configuration on client side:

1) Creating a new interface group: 

From the “ADVANCED” tab by clicking on the “Add” button of the “Interface Groups” field, here we can create a new interface group to which we will assign our tunnel, VLLVoIPtest in the next step. 

2) Assigning the VLL device type to the interface group:

From the “ADVANCED” tab by clicking on the “Add” button of the “Interface Groups Interfaces” field, here we will assign our tunnel to the newly created interface group.

3) Applying the interface group filters:

From the “ADVANCED” tab by clicking on the “Add” button of the “Interface Groups Filters” field, we assign the traffic destined to to use the created interface group.

Note: Please note that the priority field has the preference of the lowest integer assigned.

Then, for reference, all the interface group related fields will be seen the following way:

Note: Please note that HTTP Aggregation Exclusion, from the “ADVANCED” tab section, on the client side should be configured. This ensures the HTTP traffic to enter the VLLVoIP tunnel on the client side.

Configuration on server side:

The above steps have to be repeated on the server side, assigning the incoming VLLVoIP traffic to the required interface, WAN 2 in this example. Also note that on the server side, Flow Pinning using Interface Options should also be enabled as shown in the picture. And for reference, the interface group configuration section looks in the following way:


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