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Does BBNA support High availability or VRRP?

Note: We support active passive VRRP setup.

The BBNA has an option to configure High availability using VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), which is designed to increase the availability of the default gateway-servicing hosts on the same subnet. By default this feature is disabled but can be enabled under the “ADMIN” tab settings. 

VRRP mode can be configured to be either as Master or Slave depending on which physical router is doing the actual routing. In case of failure of the Master router, the Slave router which was configured as a virtual router automatically replaces it. VRRP ID is the Virtual Router Identifier (VRID), which uniquely identifies each virtual router in the subnet. This is a configurable item in the range 1-255 (decimal) and has no default value.

VRRP Priority is an 8 bit unsigned integer field with higher value indicating higher priority. The Master should be given the highest priority. Care should be taken in giving configuring this field as Master should always be given highest priority compared to the slaves else this could cause instability in the network. Virtual IP is the IP address of the BBNA device depending on which interface is connected to the subnet.


Here is the sample configuration for VRRP:

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