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License Key Activation Guide

How to activate the license?

1) Please go to the ADMIN tab on the device UI, using http://<LANIP>/admin.html.

The other way is to click on the LICENSE button in the notification banner displayed that a valid license is required.

2) Click on activation under the “Activation License” section.

3) Enter the License key in the “Key” field on the UI and click Apply.

4) If the unit is properly activated with a valid license, you should see the Valid field, in the “Activation License” section set to True.


I don’t see the Valid state set to True. What are the next steps?

Please check if the license is properly entered with no additional spaces/characters at the end/beginning of the license key. Also check if the device is online (WAN connectivity). If you are still seeing the issue, please contact support at


I have activated the license and the Valid state is set to True, but the license error banner is still seen on UI?

Once you activate the license, please also make sure to reload the page for the banner to disappear. If you are still seeing the error please contact Mushroom Networks support at


What happens if I try to activate the license without internet access on the device?

The device takes your license and saves in it’s config. Once the WAN lines are connected (internet access), it automatically validates the license and activates the device.


What happens if I reboot the device after it is activated?

Your license will still be stored on the device and it will be active even if you reboot it.


What happens if I power-cycle the device after it is activated?

Your license will still be stored on the device and it will be active even if you power-cycle it.


What happens if I reset the devcie after it is activated?

Along with the device config, your license will be lost. Even if you re-enter the license, it will not be active for 2 hours from the startup time of the device.


What’s the Last Check field on the UI?

It’s the record of the latest time when the license key is validated.


What’s the Last Error field on the UI?

During the license validation/activation process, if there is any error encountered it is reported as the Last error field on the device UI. Following are few errors that you might encounter.

Error CodeDescription
LA_FAILThe license activation has failed.
LA_EXPIREDThe license has expired or system time has been tampered with.
LA_GRACE_PERIOD_OVERThe grace period for server sync is over.
LA_E_INETFailed to connect to the server due to network error.
LA_E_ACTIVATION_LIMITThe license has reached it’s allowed activation limit


Can I use the same license key on a different device?

As long as the old device is not in use, you can use the license on a new device as well! Please note that when the license is changed from one device to another, it might take two hours to validate the new device.


Can I change the license key on my device?

Yes you can add a new license key on the device, replacing the existing license. But if the new license is in use on any other box, then it will not be validated. 


My license is expired, how can I renew it?

Please contact Mushroom Networks support at


What happens if I lose the license key?

Please contact Mushroom Networks support at


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