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How to create a VLL client server connection

On Server:

1) Under Remote LAN section click Add Remote LAN
2) Select the Connection mode as ‘Server’
3) Give a new connection name
4) Add a password (could be optional )
5) For ‘Remote Network’ enter a remote LAN subnet (e.g, If the remote subnet is in the passthrough mode then this would be his Passthrough subnet (e.g his Firewall subnet).
8) Enter the subnet mask
9) Add any special notes
10) Click Add

On Client:

1) Click on Add Remote LAN under Remote LAN sub section
2) Select the Connection Mode as Client
3) If he wants all his traffic to be aggregated then select Capture All Traffic
4) Generally we do not recommend to select the option Include HTTP
5) Assign the same connection name that was assigned on the Server unit
6) Password (optional)
7) For Remote IPs/Name enter the address of the Server machine (e.g his WAN1 IP)
9) For Remote Network enter the address of the remote subnet for his server machine(e.g. his WAN1 subnet on the server)
10) Add notes (optional)
11) Click on Add


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