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How can I access the user interface of BBNA?

Accessing from inside/LAN side:

When you are accessing from the LAN side, default local IP of Mushroom device is used to login from browser. You can also access it with a http request to one of your IP address on the Wired WAN interfaces, provided you can reach that IP.

Accessing from outside/internet:

ADMIN tab – allows configuration of password access for BBNA Management Interface and white-listing IP addresses that can access the BBNA Management Interface. You can also access the BBNA Management Interface remotely. To configure this, enable “WAN HTTPS Port” under the “ADMIN” tab and visit the publicly accessible IP address of the WAN connections followed by “:8081” from your browser (i.e. https://x.y.z.w:8081 where x.y.z.w is the publicly accessible IP address).


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