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How do I set QoS reservations on BBNA?


Navigate to the ADVANCED tab where you can the QoS settings as seen below:

In order to use the Quality of Service (QoS) reservations feature, you must first create the QoS Shaper rules (“Quality of Service Shaper”) under “ADVANCED” tab. A rate that is around 85% of the rate provided by the ISP should be created as the shaper rule both for uplink (egress) and downlink (ingress). You can find more detailed information in the QoS Shapers documentation.

Then an instance of ‘Quality of Service Reservation’ can be created based on a certain application filter or source/destination IP, etc. to reserve bandwidth. Following example illustrate to reserve at least 5000mbps for all outbound IPSec (using esp protocol) traffic.

Also you find here the examples of prioritizing voice traffic (VoIP/SIP) & prioritizing VLL traffic using QoS.


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