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Streamer PRO VOM Configuration Guidelines

This FAQ presents a high-level overview of the Streamer PRO VOM (Video Optimization Module) parameters, showing Mushroom Networks recommended values, as well as which values should not be modified unless directed to do so by Mushroom Networks.

DO NOT CHANGE THE LAN IP OF THE STREAMER PRO OR BPA/RECEIVER UNIT!  The encoder and decoder must be in the same respective subnets.  Consult with Mushroom Networks prior to changing.

Streamer PRO Client:

Below is the VOM configuration screen from the Streamer PRO, with default values in bold.  Note that “Display Advanced Options” is set to “True” which results in the following complete list of parameters:

Connecting the Camera:

Make sure that the correct ‘Video Source’ (eg, SDI) is selected in the video settings configuration.

You need to connect your camera, providing the correct signal type (eg, SDI), to the correct physical connector (eg, SDI) of the StreamerPRO. If you have any additional queries or facing issues in sending the input you can refer this document.

Streamer PRO Receiver

Below is the VOM configuration screen from the Streamer PRO Receiver Unit, with default values in bold:

Streamer PRO Client Status:

On the streamer PRO client side, make sure that your streamer PRO is connected properly to the receiver. You can check in the VOM status section and should be able to see “Connected to BPA: YES” as shown in the screenshot below.



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