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How can I effectively utilize lines with 2 different characteristics, e.g DSL line and Wireless/Satellite link?

I have two devices plugged into the WAN ports of my truffle lite. 1 is a DSL fastest download speed is only 700k however the ping is 30-60ms. I also have a Satellite modem much faster with a 15mbps download however the ping is horrible 900 – 1100ms.
How can I effectively use the links?
In this scenario, you would want to use HTTP Load Balancing Weights under MUshroom’s user interface ‘Advanced tab’, set the DSL line weight to 1, and setting the Satellite link to weight of 0.  So all the web traffic will use DSL line as the primary line and for larger file downloads, the satellite links will also be used, and contribute towards the aggregated bandwidth.


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