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My Truffle does not appear to be bonding. What could be the issue?

For a Truffle in standalone mode (not peered to a Truffle Server or using Broadband Bonding Service):

The most common issue is attempting to test the bonding using a speedtest site. These sites sometimes make assumptions that there is only one link and give inaccurate results for bonding (please see an explanation in the related questions at the bottom of the page) and you should test by using an large HTTP file download such as:

During the download you can check the Home page to see that all WAN links should be utilized.

If you are still not seeing bonding, please check your Interface Binding rules at the top of the Advanced page to make sure that no binding rules are in place that would be binding your test traffic to a single WAN link.

For a Truffle in peered mode:

Please run the same tests as for standalone mode above to test HTTP file download bonding. For non-HTTP downloads, if you are not seeing bonding then please verify that the ‘Capture All’ option is selected in your VLL configuration.


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