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Interface Names on Truffle products

To identify which Truffle model you have, click on the “Status” tab on the Mushroom User Interface.  The second line will list the model name.

Currently we support MIB-2 and any OIDs related to it should work on our devices. You may configure SNMP parameters under Admin tab on our user interface. When using external SNMP Monitoring tools, here are how our WAN and LAN interfaces are mapped to the device names:

Truffle Lite (2 port)

   LAN1: eth0
   LAN2: eth1

   WAN1: eth2
   WAN2: eth3

Truffle 4000 (4 port)
   LAN1:  eth1
   LAN2:  eth2

   WAN1: eth0
   WAN2: eth3
   WAN3: eth4
   WAN4: eth5


Truffle 8000 (8 port)

   LAN1: eth5
   LAN2: eth6

   WAN1: eth4
   WAN2: eth7
   WAN3: eth8
   WAN4: eth9
   WAN5: eth10
   WAN6: eth11
   WAN7: eth12
   WAN8: eth13


Truffle E (8 port)
   LAN1:  eth1
   LAN2:  eth2

   WAN1: eth0
   WAN2: eth3
   WAN3: eth4
   WAN4: eth5
   WAN5: eth6
   WAN6: eth7
   WAN7: eth8
   WAN8: eth9


Truffle EC (16 port)
   LAN1:  eth9
   LAN2:  eth10

   WAN1: eth8
   WAN2: eth11
   WAN3: eth12
   WAN4: eth13
   WAN5: eth14
   WAN6: eth15
   WAN7: eth16
   WAN8: eth17
   WAN9: eth0
   WAN10: eth1
   WAN11: eth2
   WAN12: eth3
   WAN13: eth4
   WAN14: eth5
   WAN15: eth6
   WAN16: eth7


 Truffle EX (8 port)
   LAN1:  eth10
   LAN2:  eth11

   WAN1: eth12
   WAN2: eth13
   WAN3: eth0
   WAN4: eth1
   WAN5: eth2
   WAN6: eth3
   WAN7: eth4
   WAN8: eth5

   WAN9: eth6
   WAN10: eth7
   WAN12: eth9


 Truffle V
   LAN1:  eth0

   WAN1: eth1
   WAN2: eth2
   WAN3: eth3


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