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There is no video coming through the Teleporter or Streamer PRO? What could be wrong?

If there is no video on the Teleporter or Streamer PRO then please try checking on the following to determine the issue:

1) On the ‘Video’ page of the device please make sure that the ‘BPA Connected’ status is YES in the top left corner of the VOM Status table. This indicates if the device has connectivity with the receiver/relay. If the status is NO then please make sure that there is a live Internet connection on the device by checking on the Home page that there are WAN devices with the status Connected and that you are able to browse the web from a laptop connected to the device’s Ethernet port. Also, check that the ‘Peer IP’ in the video settings is the accurate IP of your receiver. If you have a hardware BPA please also make sure that it is not behind a firewall or that ports UDP 6000-6020 are forwarded to it.

2) Check in the VOM Status table on the Video page if the ‘Media Input’ value is greater than 0, indicating if a video input is being recognized by the system. If the value is 0, please first try fully power cycling the unit after all your configurations have been set and while the video source is connected to the device. If there is still no video input recognized please make sure:

    a) that the correct ‘Video Source’ is selected in the video settings configuration

    b) that your video source is powered on, connected to the correct physical connector of the Teleporter/StreamerPRO and there are no cabling issues, is providing the correct signal type (eg, SDI vs Composite)

    c) please also make sure that your video source is not DRM protected. This can often be the case if you are using a DVD player as a source (even just the DVD player’s demo/screensaver feed). If in doubt, it is best to test using a live camera video source

    d) depending on the source it may also be helpful to try turning ‘Auto Rate Mode’ to False in the video configuration when trying to get an initial feed running

3) If the BPA Connected status is YES and the Media Input value is showing video coming in to the system, but you are still not seeing video please check:

    a) is the BPA Output value non-zero? If so this indicates that the video is making it across the network and being delivered to the decoder/relay. If you are using Streamer PRO with a Cloud Relay Server, please log onto the web interface of your CRS, click the ‘Configure CDN’ button, verify and Save the correct settings and then click the ‘Stop Streams, Reset and Publish Streams’ button. If you are using Teleporter and have a BPA then please make sure that the small Ethernet patch cable on the front of the BPA is connecting a LAN port to the far left Ethernet port, that the decoder is running ( and that your monitor is connected to the video output on the back of the device

    b) if the BPA Output value is 0, then please check the ‘Delay Margin’ value in the top row of the VOM Status table. If this value is 0 or is ever hitting 0 then your video bitrate is too high for your currently available network bandwidth from your WAN links. In the Video Configuration please perform some or all of the following: decrease the Transmission Resolution, enable Auto Rate Mode, or if not using auto rate please set the Encoder Rate to a smaller value.


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