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Can I set email alerts for events in my BBNA?

The BBNA also supports sending of e-mail alarms to a specified address when a “serious” event occurs. A serious event is defined as when a WAN interface goes down or comes back up without manually enabling or disabling the WAN interface.

In order to configure e-mail alarms, go to the “ADMIN” tab. Click on the status for “Mail Notification,” which will be either “Disabled” or “Enabled”. The e-mail address and the IP address of the SMTP server which is to receive the alarms can be entered in the pop up window that results. Typically this will be an SMTP server on the BBNA LAN. In order to test the configuration, a WAN interface can be purposefully brought down and up again by disconnecting the cable from an active WAN interface which will trigger an e-mail alarm to be sent to the designated address and server. 


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