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What is a Manual Network Route and how do I configure it?

Manual routes are used in a scenario when you have multiple subnets on the LAN side, or you want to specify a certain subnet traffic to use a Remote LAN, or a WAN link. This feature can be added by going to the “ADVANCED” tab on Mushroom web interface and clicking on the “Add” button next to the manual Network Routes section.

This will generate a pop up window where the information specifying a manual route rule can be specified.  A “Type” specifies the rule action, which can be either a “Device Route” if used for traffic, destined to WAN or LAN subnets or a “VLL Route” if the traffic is destined for VLL tunnel based subnets. The “Target” and “Netmask” field specify the destination IP address or subnet to which the packets need to be routed. This can be either through the device route or through the VLL route based on the option chosen previously.

If a “Device Route” is chosen under the “Type” field, then there is a “Device Type” option to choose which can either be WAN or LAN based on the direction in which the manual routes are to be added. If a manual route is to be added for incoming traffic from the Internet to the BBNA unit then the “Device Type” needs to be set as LAN and for traffic to the BBNA coming from the LAN, the “Device Type” needs to be set as WAN.  “Device Index” specifiesindex number of LAN/WAN. It can be 1 or 2 or 3 and so on if the manual route is for interface WAN1/LAN1, WAN2/LAN2, WAN3/LAN3 and so on. Finallythe “Gateway” field is the gateway IP address in the new network route, which is to be added.

If a “VLL Route” is chosen, there is a field for “Connection Name” which is the name of the “Remote LAN” that is present on the unit. If there are multiple “Remote LANs” then choose the appropriate “Remote LAN” name for which the manual network route is to be added. Please make sure the “Remote LAN” is first active on the unit before creating a “VLL Route”.

Here are the steps and screenshot for both the “device” manual routes and “VLL” manual routes:

Device Manual Route:

This is applicable for interface specific route, e.g on the LAN side if you have another subnet where the traffic has to be routed.

1) Select the ‘Type’ as either Device Route
2) Enter the Target as the new subnet that you want to add (e.g
3) Enter the Netmask
4) Device type either LAN or WAN, if it is LAN then you may choose the Device Index as 1, if it is WAN then you may choose the index as the WAN index on the home tab,
     Usually we have seen customers only requiring this for the LAN routes have not seen this for setting the WAN routes.
5) Gateway as the next hop gateway


Mushroom > Advance >Manual Network Route

Click Add

Click Apply.


VLL Route

This route is applicable for the VLL specific Remote LAN connection, e.g when you have a Remote LAN connections between 2 subnets and you want to add another subnets to the VLL subnet.

1) Select the type as VLL Route
2) Target is the subnet you want to add to this route
3) Enter Netmask
4) Enter the Connection Name that was used for the VLL connection setup, this is on the Remote LAN section on the home tab.

Mushroom > Advance >Manual Network Route

Click Add

Click Apply.

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