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What is standalone mode and what is peered mode for Truffle units?

Truffle devices have 2 operational modes:

1) Standalone mode: In this mode, our Truffle appliances will bond all HTTP down-link traffic.This per packet load balancing (or also known as broadband bonding) will automatically adjust the sizes of the “chunks” of the data pulled over individual paths. These real-time chunk size and amount of chunk decisions are made as a function of the characteristics of the WAN paths. As an example if you were to download a file behind the Truffle device which has 4 ADSL lines plugged in with 6Mbps speed each, your download speed would be around 24Mbps even for that single file download. For all other traffic, our device will implement “intelligent load-balancing” where the Truffle device will distribute the different Internet sessions on various WAN links on a session by session basis. Truffle will keep the application semantics intact, by making sure the sessions from certain applications are kept on the same WAN line, such as banking sites, where a blind load-balancing would break the application.

Load-balancing can be done two ways using the interface group options: Round-Robin (random), Hash & Weighted hash. With the “Random” option traffic is distributed across all the desired interfaces. This can also be called as “Round Robin Distribution”. Whereas with Hash option, a hash is calculated depending on the source & destination IP address and the traffic is load-balanced according to the generated hash. Hash also uses weights in generating a weighted hash, which is used to load-balance the traffic according to the desired weights on different interfaces. 

2) Peered mode: When Truffle is peered with another Truffle device with a VLL server license over the Internet (let’s say a branch office and a headquarter office), the two units create a virtual leased line connection between them over the bonded pipe. In this mode downlink and uplink is bonded for all types of Internet traffic.

Peered mode can also be achieved by our monthly subscription service: Broadband Bonding Service (BBS). BBS is optional and lets the customer Truffle device peer with one of our data centers to enable bonding for all protocols. As mentioned, BBS is an optional add-on service.


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