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How do I setup VLAN both on the LAN and WAN interfaces?

Mushroom devices support VLAN tagging using 802.1Q trunking protocol. You can enable VLAN access through the custom settings under the “extra” tab of the device interface, http://< LAN IP address>/extra.html. More details about how to enable the VLAN access on the mushroom device can be found here

VLAN setup on the LAN side:

Now find “VLAN setup (experimental)” section under the “ADVANCED” tab, and click on “Add” to set tags for the traffic coming on a particular interface. For reference please look at the following screenshot:

Following the above steps, you can also have multiple VLAN’s, say another being VLAN 200. The configuration would be the same as above but the VLAN Tag would be 200.

VLAN setup on the WAN side:

You can also set up frame tagging on the WAN side of the mushroom device. From the above figure you can see that a VLAN with tag 300 is created between the mushroom device and the cloud. This can be done by adding a VLAN with tag 300 on the “WAN” interface on the mushroom device.

NOTE: Make sure that the upstream device connected to the mushroom device should also have VLAN support. 

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