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I cannot access Mushroom device using GUI

Here are some troubleshooting guidelines for Truffle4000, Truffle8000, Truffle12000 & Portabella/Streamer8000:

  • Check if the LAN IP that you are using to access the user-interface is correct. You can use the LCD buttons to get details about LAN IP as mentioned in this document.
  • Connect a monitor and keyboard to the device and check for command (or “help” for help): prompt on the monitor.
    • If you are able to see the prompt, give the command ‘list wan’ through the keyboard and hit enter. See if the any of the listed interfaces are in pass-through mode.
    • If any of the wan interfaces are in pass-through mode, as in that mode DHCP is disabled on the device. So for that specific interface for example wan/1 or wan/2 to change it back to static interface, copy the following command and hit enter:
      • change wan/1 StaticInterface: ip “” gateway “” netmask “” dns1 “” 
      • Check again with list wan, if the mode is changed to StaticInterface.
      • Now reboot the device. You should be able to reach the UI of your device using the device LAN IP.
  • If you are still not able to access mushroom device try to reset using LCD button (Factory Default Settings Reset key combination): up up down down escape enter
  • If it is still an issue use Mushroom Reset USB key as mentioned here.


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