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End of Life dates for older Mushroom Networks products

The following dates mark the end-of-life for that specific model:

Porcini (all models): 7/5/2010 (replaced by Truffle Lite)

Portabella 2242: 7/5/2010 (replaced by Portabella 141)

Truffle 6401: 9/1/2012 (replaced by Truffle 4000)

Truffle 5201G: 9/1/2015 (replaced by Truffle E)

Portabella 141i: 12/31/2016 (replaced by new Portabella i models)

Portabella/Streamer/ThirdEye 141 models: 1/1/2019 (replaced with Portabella/Streamer models with similar or better specs)

Truffle Lite (late 2011 model): 2/1/2019 (replaced with Truffle Lite early 2020 model)

Truffle 4000 (replaced by new Truffle), Truffle 4000 PP (replaced by Truffle E), Truffle 8000 PP (replaced by Truffle E), Truffle 12000 PP (replaced by Truffle EC/EF/EX). Only models manufactured/sold prior to 9/1/2015: 1/1/2020 


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