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What are the different Software Support Package types?

No Support Package: This provides you to our self-help knowledge base via our support portal.

Software Support Package: The software support package provides you priority technical support during PST business hours (8am PST to 5pm PST) and it also provides you with the capability of upgrading the firmware on an on-going basis for new modules, features, bug fixes etc. More importantly, it will keep your device up to date with any security patches and updates. With Software Support Package, you have access to our engineering via our support ticketing system, as well as scheduled phone calls when/if engineers suggests that as a next step (most cases are better handled via support ticketing system giving an option for our engineers to multi-task).

Platinum Software Support Package: This provides 24/7 phone/email support (reserved for certain severity levels) as well as all the resources of Software Support Package as described above.

Note: Advanced Hardware Replacement can be added to your Software Support Package (or to your platinum Software Support Package) during your initial purchase and will provide 24 hour hardware replacement option in case of hardware failures after Mushroom engineering team diagnosed the issue and concluded as a hardware problem.

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