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Which tunnel is recommended if I want aggregation with cellular cards?

For generic type of traffic, the App Armor tunnel is the best suited tunnel for environment where WAN links channel condition varies a lot, e.g cellular environment. This is an advanced Load Balancing algorithm whereby packets from the same tuple (source IP, destination IP, protocol, source port, destination port) are load-balanced onto a “path” in such a way that the packets from the same flow are forced to use the same path, with a dynamically learned and adjusted weighting mechanism. Real-time measurements creates a blacklisting/whitelisting of any of the paths and the flows that are on the path that has just been blacklisted, are moved onto a better path without interrupting the ongoing session (even the IP addressing stays the same with respect to the LAN side as well as the outside world). Blacklisting looks at many parameters, including short term history of performance metrics and other parameters such as throughput, packet loss, latency, transport disconnects etc.

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