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My WAN lines show connected on the Truffle, however I can not surf the web, how can I fix this?

1) Please make sure that your local network is connected to the LAN port of your Truffle device. If you are accessing the Truffle via a laptop, please make sure there is no other network connectivity (such as a WiFi network outside of your network).

2) Ping to (or) and verify on Mushroom device by setting up diagnostic tools, ex: tcpdump.

3) Ping to, or any other domain and again verify on Mushroom, where you should be able to see the packets coming into the Mushroom device.

  • If you can successfully ping to the Internet but still cannot access the web, this may be a missing DNS configuration on your PC. You can direct your laptops DNS to the Truffle’s local IP (as a gateway) and have the Truffle device resolve your DNS (recommended) or you can use any other public DNS IP, such as

4) Check your route policies, interface groups & HTTP aggregation settings on Mushroom,  and check if any preceding rules are causing the issue.

5) If the issue still pertains, please contact

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