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Passthrough configuration checklist

1) Configure Passthrough on WAN1 as described:

Configuring passthrough

After the configuration and when the links are connected you should see “Connected” status under “Wired WAN” section on ‘Home’ tab of Mushroom’s user interface.

2) Verify the Link Duplex settings:

Under ‘Advanced’ tab check “WAN Ethernet Link State” and “LAN Ethernet Link State” and verify the speed and duplex for all the WAN and LAN links.

3) If you have any special traffic (SMTP/IPSec) that needs to be tied to WAN1:

Use interface binding rules to bind these traffic on WAN1 (Passthrough interface):

Interface Binding 

4) If you need to set up additional subnets on WAN1:

Use “Manual Network Routes”:

Multiple subnets on WAN, using manual routes

5) If you need to have Firewall outbound “NoNAT” policy:

Use “Outbound” Firewall rule (under Firewall tab) and select “NoNat” option for the passthrough WAN1 subnet and any additional subnet on WAN1 .


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