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How do I debug my voice/SIP traffic issues?

1) Navigate to the advanced tab and see if you have any special route policies, manual routes, are set up.

2) If your traffic is being routed into a tunnel, VoIP armor tunnel or VLL tunnel, verify the tunnel configuration parameters and check the status if the tunnel is up.

3) If you don’t have any tunnels, and your voice/SIP traffic is being sent on a particular interface, check if your interface is up and the status on “HOME” tab is connected. Also then verify the interface groups and check if any rules are contradictory to your special route policies.

4) If all the above steps are verified and you are still seeing some issue, set up the Mushroom’s diagnostic tools as explained here.

5) Using tcpdump, apply the following rule on br0 and see if you see any SIP connection control traffic at regular interval, say for 60 sec.

tcpdump -i br0 port 5060 -n

6) If ou don’t see SIP control traffic on 5060, check if any other ports like 5061 through 5065 are being used you can also check with you pbx provider if any other private port is being utilized.


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