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SNMP support on Mushroom device


The BBNA has a built in SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) agent running on the device which can be accessed by any SNMP browser or SNMP client application. The BBNA supports MIB2 (RFC 1213) management information base (MIB). You can enable SNMP feature under Admin tab:

Configuration of SNMP and Trap: 

Asynchronous notification using SNMP  traps for WAN links getting ‘Connected’ and ‘Disconnected’ state can also be pushed to a ‘Trap server IP’.

SNMP Management:

Using external snmp management/graphing tool you can retrieve interface stats from Mushroom device. E.g following is an example graph for one of the wan stats using MRTG grapher:

graph  any MIB2 variable, e.g CPU utilization, number of tcp connections,etc.

Mushroom’s WAN and LAN interface mapping can be found in this document.

Other SNMP related FAQ:

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Steps to check whether the device is reachable and adding sensors in PRTG


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