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How do I access the user interface of my Mushroom Networks unit?

The BBNA takes approximately 60 seconds to initialize after powering up. After this is complete, to access the BBNA Management Interface, identify a “management computer” (e.g. a laptop PC) through which the BBNA Management Interface will be accessed. Connect an Ethernet cable from the management computer’s Ethernet port to any of the BBNA’s LAN ports and visit with a browser. If your BBNA unit is peered with BBS (or another Truffle Server), you will need to use the IP address of your BBNA that it was changed to instead of

Note that the BBNA Management Interface is accessible on any computer with a web browser on the local network, so after the local network is configured it is not necessary to plug the computer directly into the BBNA in order to access the BBNA Management Interface.

If the BBNA Management Interface cannot be accessed, make sure the management computer is configured so that it is capable to accept a “dynamic IP” address from a DHCP server, in this case the DHCP server of the BBNA. By default, the DHCP server of the BBNA is enabled, but it can be disabled through the BBNA Management Interface. In order to access the BBNA Management Interface when the DHCP server is disabledand no other active DHCP is accessible, a static IP address should be assigned to the management computer. It is recommended to use the static IP address the management computer in this case. Refer to Appendix A of your user manual for typical instructions on how to manually set a static IP address on a PC.


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