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How do I configure a cellular modem?

In order to configure the cellular WAN interface, display the home page on the BBNA management interface then click the mouse on the interface index on the leftmost side of the Cellular WAN connection table. A menu is displayed for configuring the corresponding interface as CDMA or HSPA/GSM and for optionally setting the interface into standby mode. The Carrier and, depending on the mode, APN may need to be entered. The User Name and Password may also be required for configuring the interface.

When the cellular WAN interface is in standby mode, it will only be used when all other WAN interfaces are in the in-active state. This is useful if the cellular WAN interface is for a service provider that charges a fee that depends on the amount of usage of the service. When at least one of the other interfaces enters the active state, the cellular WAN interface will not be used, while it is in standby mode. On the other hand, when the cellular WAN interface is not in standby mode, the BBNA will use the cellular WAN interface as much as possible in order to improve performance.


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