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How do I configure Passthrough mode in BBNA?

Note: Leave the LAN IP to default unless it conflicts with your internet network. LAN IP on Mushroom in passthrough mode is just used for the management access to the GUI or creating a separate DMZ subnet.

The BBNA features a “Pass Through” mode that is commonly used in configurations where the BBNA is installed as an upgrade to a legacy network that had a single Internet connection feeding a firewall/gateway. The  advantage  of  using  the  Pass  Through  feature  is  that  it  does  not  require  configuration  changes  (e.g. changes to IP addresses and firewall rules) in the existing network. In this mode WAN interface 1 is used to connect to the legacy Internet connection, and additional Internet connections are added on the other WAN interfaces. The WAN interface 1 is not assigned an IP address in Pass Through mode, while the other WAN interfaces are assigned IP addresses.

Add BBNA on network without changing the network topology and connect multiple WAN link (two additional ADSL link) on mushroom as shown in the figure.


Mushroom > home >Wired WAN (primary interface)

Click OK.

It should be noted that when the BBNA is configured in Pass Through mode, the DHCP server within the BBNA will be disabled. Therefore, it will generally be necessary to manually assign a static IP address to the PC through which the BBNA Management Interface will be accessed.  

To access your BBNA from the LAN segment of your Firewall you can still use the same LAN IP assigned on Mushroom (e.g 


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