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Sprint 341u support on Mushroom devices

Note: A custom patch will be required for firmware before provisioning the device. Ask
Device provisioning
Here are the steps to make the Sprint’s 341U work on Mushroom device:
– Connect the Sprint’s 341u modem to PC/Mac and login to the web interface for the modem. 
– Under “Settings”, “Device connection preference”, you will choose “Auto connect”.
– click on Save Settings.

– After the setting is saved disconnect from the PC/Mac
– Reboot the Mushroom device WITHOUT the 341u modem connected to the unit
– On the browser (laptop) connected to Mushroom’s LAN port, enter the url: 

– Select the enable option
– Plug in the 341u card to the USB ports
– Wait to 5 secs and plug the second, third 341u cards etc.
– Once all the 341u cards are plugged in then disable the setwritable option on the following url.

– The unit should now be provisioned with 341u and you should see an entry under Wired-WAN connection.
!N.B.: The card’s connection status will appear in the ‘Wired WAN’ section of the Home page and not the ‘Cellular WAN’. Also, please note that the index that it shows up as in the Wired WAN section will not necessarily match the index of the physical port used, as is the case in the Cellular section.
Reset provisioning
To erase the previously provisioned devices, follow the following steps:
– Connect a PC/Mac to Mushroom device
– Make sure there are no cellular cards connected
– On the browser (laptop) connected to Mushroom’s LAN port, enter the following url:
– Click ‘Reset’
– Reboot Mushroom device


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