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How do I connect my broadband modems to my Mushroom Networks device?

Use of the BBNA requires connection of one or more modems (e.g. DSL, cable, or cellular broadband) to the BBNA.  Configure the modems for operation according to the ISP’s instructions and then configure the WAN ports of the BBNA.  As described later in this chapter, in many cases the modems will be set for DHCP which is the default in BBNA and no additional configuration is required.  Some cable modems may require a power-cycle (turn off and on) to associate with a new MAC address after connecting to the BBNA.

In order to connect each wireline modem, use an Ethernet cable to connect the “LAN” or “Ethernet” port of the modem and connect the other end of the cable to any wired WAN port of the BBNA. One of the LEDs on the connector used on the BBNA will light up after both the modem and the BBNA are powered onand the modem is properly connected to the BBNA.

If the modems do not use DHCP, the WAN connection details will need to be configured for each non-DHCP modem in the BBNA Management Interface, as detailed below.


Some older models of modems may require a reset to associate with a new MAC address when connecting to the BBNA. This may further require the modems to be reconfigured with the parameters from the ISP.


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