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Authentication types on Mushroom from 1.19

With upgrade to 1.19 on your Mushroom devices, now you can create multiple users with certain restrictions accordingly. If you are using a firmware 1.18 or below, please refer to this link.

Mushroom supports two kinds of user authentication. Basic web authentication & TACACS web authentication from 1.19 firmware.

a) Basic Web Authentication: 

Please follow the steps below to setup the basic authentication.

  1. Navigate to the ‘ADMIN’ tab and click add in the ‘Web Users’ section.
  2. Choose the type as ‘Basic Web User Settings’. Create your username, password and click apply. Note that the ‘Admin’ status would be ‘True’ by default.
    • Only an Admin user will be having the authorization to change/edit settings on the Mushroom. If you’d wish to change the authorization to ‘read-only’ you can set the ‘Admin’ status as false.
    • Note: It is mandatory to create at least one user with ‘Admin’ status as ‘True’.
  3. Now click on ‘authentication’ in the ‘Web Authentication Settings’ section. Choose the type as ‘Basic Web Authentication Settings’ and click apply.
    • Note: As soon as you click apply, you will be prompted to enter the login credentials that you’ve just created. So make sure you know/entered the correct password in the ‘Basic Web User Settings’.

4. Note: We also recommend you to take a backup of you current config, just in case you get locked out of your device.

5. If by any chance you get locked out of the Mushroom and not able to login back into the device, you can disable the authentication from the Mushroom’s CLI interface. Once you are on the CLI interface, you can use the following commands to disable/edit the authentication:

    • Disable Authentication:
      change admin/authentication DisabledWebAuthentication:
    • Change to Basic Web authentication
      change admin/authentication BasicWebAuthentication:

b) TACACS Web Authentication:

TACACS stands for Terminal Access Control Access Control Server. TACACS will use a central access server in co-ordination with Mushroom, to authorize, authenticate the users & the services requested, and to account all the user’s activity.

So to setup TACACS on Mushroom, you’d need a server to which Mushroom will be sending authentication/authorization requests. To get more detailed understanding on TACACS and how to setup on Mushroom, please follow this document.

Note: Before you proceed to TACACS, make sure you are fully aware of your setup. We also recommend you to take a backup of you current config, just in case you get locked out of your device. 

c) Disable Web Authentication using cli interface:

Disable Authentication:
change admin/authentication DisabledWebAuthentication:
Change to Basic Web authentication
change admin/authentication BasicWebAuthentication:

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