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How do I use the Interface Groups feature on the mushroom ?

The interface groups feature can be divided into three basic blocks.

1. The Interface Group filters will define the type of interesting traffic for a particular group (NOTE :  By default the Mushroom would have all the traffic hitting the LAN as interesting traffic.)

2. Once the traffic has been filtered the Interface Groups block will then select either Hash or random as the method by which this traffic would be split on the interface group interfaces block. Hash would use the weights defined on each interface in the interface group interface block. Random would split the traffic randomly between all interfaces involved in this group.

3. The interface group interfaces contains all outgoing interfaces that will be used for this group. ( NOTE :  By default all the interfaces will be selected by the Mushroom). This gives the User flexibility to split the traffic based on the filter rules and choose the interfaces to send it out on by using the interface group interfaces.


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