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Verify if my multiple links are being utilized

Note: Make sure you are using the latest firmware on Mushroom (verify this under Status tab)

Following are the steps if Mushroom is configured to utilize the links to maximum capacity:

1) From a computer on a LAN segment on Mushroom/Firewall download the following file;pop


2) Check the ‘Download’ rate on home page of Mushroom GUI and verify if the ISP rate is available on the WAN links. All your WAN links should be utilized to the maximum download rate. If this is not the case and if only one of the WAN lines is utilized then verify the ‘Interface Binding’ rules and see if there are no rules created for “http” for “Any  Destination/Source IP”.  Also make sure there are no QoS (under Advanced tab) that may be affecting this. Check the firmware revision (under Status tab) and make sure you are running the latest.


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