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HTTP Aggregation & its Exclusion

What Is HTTP Aggregation?

Mushroom device has a built in ‘HTTP Aggregation Proxy’ running and enabled on the device by default. Any incoming HTTP/HTTPS traffic from the LAN side is intercepted by this proxy and will initiate a request to see if this traffic can be aggregated. It can either ‘Aggregate’, Load-balance’,  ‘Filter/Block’ or ‘Route’ the incoming HTTP/HTTPS traffic on to a specific WAN link. 

What is ‘HTTP Aggregation Exclusion’?

HTTP Aggregation exclusion can be enabled to bypass the ‘HTTP Aggregation Proxy’ functionality on the Mushroom device. Enabling this rule bypasses this functionality and any incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests from the LAN side is not intercepted by the ‘HTTP Aggregation Proxy’ on the Mushroom device.

How to enable ‘HTTP Aggregation Exclusion’?

Navigate to the “Advanced” tab. Then 1) click on ‘Add’ next to ‘HTTP Aggregation Exclusions’. 2) click on ‘Apply’ leaving blank in the source and destination subnet. Please refer to the following picture for reference:

By adding the above rule, no HTTP/HTTPS traffic is intercepted by Mushroom’s ‘HTTP Aggregation Proxy’ and is left as a pure forwarding traffic to be routed on to the WAN connections based on ‘Interface Group Interfaces’ weights policy.

Optionally you can also only exclude specific source or destination subnets  to bypass the interception of HTTP/HTTPS traffic. 

Note: So when you see any issues with your HTTP/HTTPS traffic you can enable this and verify if the HTTP aggregation functionality is causing any issue.


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