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How do I setup 1-1 NAT on Mushroom device?

For this to work, you have to add both the inbound firewall rule and outbound firewall rule:

– Login to Mushroom’s user interface
– Under Firewall tab click ‘Add Firewall Rule’
– Select ‘Direction: Inbound’
– Select the ‘Interface’ on which the public IP belongs
– Enter the ‘Global IP/subnet’ . This would be the public IP for which 1-1 NAT is performed
– Enter the ‘Local IP’. This will be the private IP that is assigned to the machine on the LAN side.
– Click ‘Add’.

– Under Firewall tab click ‘Add Firewall Rule’
– Select ‘Direction: Outbound’
– Select the ‘Protocol Action’ as ‘Set Nat’
– Enter the Source/Destination IP’: This is the LAN IP of the device.
– Enter ‘NAT IP’ this is the global public IP.
– Click ‘Add’.


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