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Safety Detectives is a website dedicated to providing valuable, reliable information to consumers about cybersecurity. In particular, rates their top ten best antivirus programs, their top ten best password managers, and the top VPNs. Their in-house testing methods rely on purchasing each and every product they test (no freebies!), and then running each product through a rigorous system of tests, designed to exercise the product in a real-world environment, in order to closely parallel the consumer experience.

Recently, Safety Detectives’ Aviva Zacks interviewed Dr. Jay Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks, to find out a little bit more about SD-WAN and how cybersecurity integrates with the technology. Some brief excerpts follow below:

When asked about his background prior to founding Mushroom Networks, Dr. Akin says his strong mathematical background involving “big data” nicely complemented his networking experience. “I was mesmerized by the power of predictive analysis and automation. At Mushroom Networks we get the chance to work on the solutions that are at the intersection of networking, cybersecurity, and automation.”

Dr. Akin goes on to discuss Mushroom Networks products and technology. “At Mushroom Networks, we build multi-WAN networking appliances for the enterprise network edge… Our current generation of SD-WAN appliances is already capable of observing, learning, and adapting their algorithms. Our goal is to set the networks of our customers on autopilot whereby the network can react to changes and problems without requiring any human intervention.”

Safety Detectives then guided the conversation towards their main focal point – cybersecurity. Asked about the most dangerous cyberthreats today, Dr. Akin mentions zero-day attacks and the need to be “anticipatory as opposed to reactive.”  He also discusses how most security breaches are caused by user-errors and omissions from within the organization, which is why he feels that a zero-trust network architecture is the future. “This architecture works well with a cloud-delivered services model where our SD-WAN appliances play a critical role. For example, it is not uncommon to have misconfigured network edge devices that may cause vulnerabilities. But if you migrate to a cloud-managed network edge, individual branch office network configurations are consolidated into a single, centrally managed template that is less prone to human errors.”

And finally, Dr. Akin was asked about Covid-19 and how that has changed how we handle cybersecurity. To find out how he answered this question, and to read the entire interview, please read the recent blog from, “Interview With Jay Akin – Mushroom Networks.”

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