Broadband Bonding Solutions for Satellite Communications

Satellite modems provide some benefits no other Internet transport can provide such as availability anywhere you can point to the sky to communicate via satellites. However, round trip delays are high and bandwidth can be limited. Broadband bonding satellite modems can intelligently combine two or more satcom modems to optimize performance and reliability.

Networking Needs of Satcom

Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) or Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO) can enable ubiquitous Internet connectivity anywhere there is line-of-sight to the satellite without obstruction. However, because of the distance from the modem to the satellite, the transmission will have larger latency compared to other terrestrial Internet connections. Satellite throughput can also be adversely affected by weather, motion of the modem or handovers between satellites.

Satcom (Satellite communications) remains the only option in certain situations including rural areas, remote locations or defense use cases. Mission-critical applications, especially applications that leverage TCP protocol, or real-time applications, are known to suffer over links with high latency such as satellite. Broadband bonding satellite modems together, or bonding a satellite modem with other types of Internet connections, will significantly improve the application performance.


Broadband Bonding for Satellite modems

Bonding satellite modems


With Broadband Bonding, all satellite modems are aggregated to create a single fast and reliable Internet connection. Apps such as live video or other real-time, mission-critical applications can leverage the aggregate throughput and avoid packet loss.


Automated network optimization enables flow identification and path selection on a per-packet basis without human intervention. Satcom network problems will be shielded from the applications automatically.


Broadband bonding tunnels are transparent to the applications and servers and therefore are compatible with any application and any server. Other satellite-specific appliances can be service-chained for concatenating services.

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